sometimes i need to be reminded to stop and breathe. i need silence so i can just exist in this world. 

my life runs away from me these days because i’m so busy. the problem with that is i feel robotic, that the life inside of me is slowly decreasing. clearly, it’s not. this is just a VERY busy stage of life.

but sometimes like tonight when i’m tired and stressed, and my plate seems too full, i have to remind myself that God is my comforter. He allows me this stress to make me a better me. He always provides, always. 




i wanted to document this moment. this feeling.

yesterday was a hard day for me mentally, physically and emotionally. but from the time i woke up until i went to bed i felt so loved, so encouraged, so moved by the people, old and new friends, i’m surrounded by in this life. they provided the hugs and support i needed; they were the hands and feet of Jesus to me yesterday.

God is so gracious to me.