hiding the Word.

I remember when i was little, say 5 or 6, going to school and/or church and learning about hiding God’s Word in my heart. I continued to hear this throughout my life. But until about a month ago, did it really sink in what that meant. At a moment when life came rushing at me, and the very Scripture that I needed to be reminded of (that I hadn’t read in sooo very long) came to the forefront of my mind, did I understand the true meaning of it.

I have never been more grateful for the private, Christian education and church I grew up in that reiterated this concept over and over. It made me even more grateful for my third graders at church, and it made me value all of the times that i probably didn’t want to be at church as a teenager.

On a different note, i’m especially thankful for all the notes, texts and calls from so many that i love this week. i’m abundantly blessed.


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