the reality of my life

Last Friday, I had a classmate ask me to look and see if she had an ear infection. After checking her ear and realizing that yes, in fact, she did and would need antibiotics, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I am a nurse and not just in the hospital. I now know what to look for, what’s normal, abnormal, etc., for the ears, nose, mouth…and then I realized how awesome it is to have people who you can trust to care for you, I’m fortunate enough to call these people friends, cg members and professors.

I love that I can spend over 30 hours a week with some of these people and we can still laugh, cry or whine together. I love that when we’re up at 2:00 in the morning working on concept maps that are due by noon the following day we can still manage to make each other laugh through the insanity.

I’m also very grateful that when I’m not feeling so hot, due to some health issues, that my classmates pick up my slack and give endless grace. So very thankful.

Trying to soak up what seems to be flying by…thankful for so much.



no matter how long or how hard a situation or life is, persevere. because, when you get to the other side, when you see the bigger picture, it makes anguish, hurt, the tears and everything else worth it. so persevere.


this is a small compilation of some of the bloopers from a project my clinical group had to do on florence nightingale.

these are just a few of the people i get to do life with these days. we have a lot of fun.

a little update, if you will

I have so much to say, so much that I want to write down in words, but I simply do not have the time to do that. I really don’t have time to even compose this post, but figured I deserved a reading break.

I could never have imagined finding so much joy in nursing. But then again, I love serving people. So, I guess it makes sense that doing that for a living could bring about such joy. :)

So, instead of going on and on about how much I love nursing, instead I’ll make a short list.
I’m calling it,
you know you’re in nursing school when…

You can count the amount of hours you sleep each night on one hand.
You spend an eight-hour day in the hospital and come home to do four hours of paperwork.
You and your classmates have a mutual agreement to not talk the first hour of class, 0800-0900, the day after clinical because we’re so tired.
You’re jealous when someone else gets to perform an invasive procedure and you didn’t.
Your social life exists in extended lunch hours.
You add nap to your list of things to do each day, sometimes moving it to the top of the list.

Guess that’s enough for now. :)