Tow Mater.

(this is merely a “i want to remember this” kind of post.)

tyler loves all things boy: trains, bugs, cars and football (really any sport, but especially football). ty also loves the Cars character Tow Mater, but only for two reasons. the first one because his big boy underwear is Cars and one mustn’t get anything on Mater, i.e., one time he didn’t make it to the potty, and for days all he could talk about was peeing on Mater and “Mater be so sad to me.”  the second one is that a few weeks ago my dad bought tyler a Mater bath towel, you know for drying off. tyler insisted he sleep with it as well, so we ended up buying another one for him to sleep with because “Mater go night-night, too. Mater go right now!” so along with his blanket and Three (his dog that my mom gave to him while he was in the hospital that he named all by myself several months ago), he also has a Mater bath towel. oh to be two!



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