over the course of the past month i’ve learned a lot (and i’m not referring to nursing school). life was crazy, then it got crazier, and now it’s just out of control. thankfully i dont have to be the one in control of all things. :)

but i do have a request, actually two. i have two separate unspoken prayer requests that i would love your support with and for.

i dont have the strength to deal and handle everything that life throws at me, so it makes me even more grateful for the strength that Jesus provides where i otherwise would be without.

thanks again.



breathe in. breathe out. put one foot in front of the other.

learn to love greatly and unconditionally.

this world is only temporary.

fight for others, especially when they don’t have the strength to fight for themselves.

ask for help, because God never expected us to do everything alone.

fear is accepting that you don’t think God is capable of doing what he said He would do. so, be fearless.


in the midst of what most people would call a “full plate” i find myself humbled because i know God will never give me more than i can handle.

there’s comfort in knowing that He trust me, little me, with a small fraction of His plan.


cooking is my respite.

it’s my destress.

it’s my relax.

it’s my creative outlet.

it’s my “you don’t need a list of what to do’s (or not to do’s).”

it’s my place of quiet where i can think and do without explanation to anyone else.

it’s my getaway when i can’t actually leave.

so grateful for the ability to cook and create.