things that make me, me:

i love to talk.

i love to listen even more.

i’m a words-of-affirmation and quality-time girl through and through.

i love giving gifts, handwritten notes and serving others in even the smallest of ways.

i’m convinced that if i were born in the 1960’s i would have fit right in with everything from the kitchenware to the clothes.

cooking, antiquing, crafting and photography provide a much needed respite in my life.

kids love me.

i’m a simple person.

i’ve been through a lot in my 25 years.

i’m convinced that the previous fact is for helping others.

the grace in my life blows my mind.

i want to make a difference.

i love to write, but wish i were a better writer.

i think being a part of a book club sounds fun. good book, coffee, chatting is a great combo if you ask me.

i stare at my grandmother’s sewing machine every day. and every day i wish i had the time to open it up and put it to good use.

i talk about writing a book a lot, and i want to make it a reality. then, the days i spend journaling the thoughts and ideas, i think that maybe the “book” is really more for me than for other people. God teaches me so much through those thoughts.

i love it when someone reads out loud to me — it has something to do with the whole listening thing, i’m sure :)

i love watching any of the Real Housewives when i have time. actually, i’d pretty much watch anything on Bravo when i have the time. guilty pleasure.

i miss playing sports.

i usually sneeze in three’s.

i don’t have a favorite color because i realllllly love yellow, purple, grey, sunset orange, teal, white, chartreuse…see why i can’t have a favorite color?

anndd..i guess that’s enough for now. :)







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