exciting things ahead.

I received an invitation last week for my White Coat Ceremony for GBCN. Whoa. But so exciting. I also get a my official pin.

I applied a couple of weeks ago for my clinical placement. (fingers crossed I’ll get the hospital that I want.) this semester pediatric hospitals weren’t an option…you have to have more training.

i found out that all the books for this semester will cost me almost $800. and that’s if i can get the ones used that don’t require a new edition. not so much an exciting thing, but still post worthy.

i will be CPR certified for all age groups on august 13th, as well as some other smaller certifications.

the most exciting thing that i’ve probably done recently is ordered my very own, very expensive i might add, stethoscope. i never realized how many options a person had in choosing one, but my favorite option was that there were color choices. my color choice? dark plum. it’s lovely. Eventually, I will have a pediatric stethoscope and choose a more colorful option (yellow, perhaps?), but since my clinical experience won’t begin there i have to order one that is more all-encompassing.

this is happening. seriously can’t even believe it.


what i’m learning.

Jesus died so that we could be made free.

by choosing to walk with Him, we are given a freedom no man or thing or situation can touch.

when we feel bound to something, we choose to let Satan make us believe that a small piece of our freedom is gone. it isn’t. he can’t touch it.

in choosing to feel bound, we deny the grace that is given to us. grace, in abundance, always waiting for us.

grace equals freedom. freedom equals grace. and…

freedom is love. freedom is acceptance. freedom is arms wide open waiting for you and me. freedom is without judgment. freedom is walking beside you. freedom is joy. freedom is peace overflowing. freedom is truly accepting grace and accepting all of it.


all things new

i’ve been humming this song all day…


Jesus, your grace restores our lives

You can make all things new, only your power can raise us.

You can make all things new, only your love can save us.

All hope is not lost cause you make all things new.

You give beauty for our ashes and a hope that’s everlasting.

The past has been redeemed, now forever we will sing,

You can make all things new.



things that make me, me:

i love to talk.

i love to listen even more.

i’m a words-of-affirmation and quality-time girl through and through.

i love giving gifts, handwritten notes and serving others in even the smallest of ways.

i’m convinced that if i were born in the 1960’s i would have fit right in with everything from the kitchenware to the clothes.

cooking, antiquing, crafting and photography provide a much needed respite in my life.

kids love me.

i’m a simple person.

i’ve been through a lot in my 25 years.

i’m convinced that the previous fact is for helping others.

the grace in my life blows my mind.

i want to make a difference.

i love to write, but wish i were a better writer.

i think being a part of a book club sounds fun. good book, coffee, chatting is a great combo if you ask me.

i stare at my grandmother’s sewing machine every day. and every day i wish i had the time to open it up and put it to good use.

i talk about writing a book a lot, and i want to make it a reality. then, the days i spend journaling the thoughts and ideas, i think that maybe the “book” is really more for me than for other people. God teaches me so much through those thoughts.

i love it when someone reads out loud to me — it has something to do with the whole listening thing, i’m sure :)

i love watching any of the Real Housewives when i have time. actually, i’d pretty much watch anything on Bravo when i have the time. guilty pleasure.

i miss playing sports.

i usually sneeze in three’s.

i don’t have a favorite color because i realllllly love yellow, purple, grey, sunset orange, teal, white, chartreuse…see why i can’t have a favorite color?

anndd..i guess that’s enough for now. :)







sometimes i let my fears direct me

i let them choose the reasons why i do one thing or the other

i let them take from me what is better, what is good

and then one day i realize all the things that fear has made me feel crippled to, and i stop.

stop fearing.

stop regretting.

stop wondering.

and i take a step forward and realize i’m only given right now.

this moment.

i refuse to let my fear dictate my life any more.



taking a step in a new direction.