things that i love.

i love it when my tylerbug:

grabs my hands and asks me to dance with him

brings me a book so he can read (a.k.a. name all of the things on a page, and perhaps the action of those things) it to me

sees me for the first time for the day and runs to me screaming “coley!”

sings every song he knows while we’re riding down the road and, as of late, asks me to sing them with him as well

climbs into my lap just so he can go to sleep


other things that i love:

antiquing. this has always been such a happy outlet for me. walking, browsing and waiting for something to catch my eye.

LOST. i am not ashamed to admit that i finished re-watching the series again this afternoon. i love, love, love that show.

the family i have in this apartment. and the realization that some people always care and want to listen and will be there when you need them.

birthday presents. i love to give. and i love it when i can give someone something i know they will love. :)







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