happy birthday, bug!


march 17, 2009


march 17, 2010


march 17, 2011


tybug is joy. he laughs continually and never fails to smile big. he makes me laugh. he can ask or sign for almost anything he needs, wants or just to say something. he is obsessed with his lovey. he still doesn’t like tv, but L-O-V-E-S music. the boy can bust-a-move. he loves watching for planes in the sky. occasionally, he calls mommy and daddy by their given names, danell and geg. it’s really funny. he loves flashlights, which he has to get from my mom. if he sees a red truck, it’s always “papa.”and lastly, he looks just like my sister. :)



and because it was his birthday, he was allowed to eat cookie cake before dinner. (he had just finished eating a piece and was trying to put on his dinosaur watch.)  :) :)

love this boy.


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