some thoughts on my mind…

i’ve been listening to the new, Passion: Here for You CD incessantly this week. thanks to the rooms. :) it has been exactly what my heart needed. something about clapping, dancing or just singing as loudly as possible while worshiping just does it for me. :)

getting to spend time with my al was so fun. i truly wish athens and kennesaw were about an hour closer. so thankful for our friendship. and for skype dates. and for tiramisu cake.

i miss annie and andrew dearly. but, thankfully i get to see them in 9 days. Eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk!!!!!! can’t wait to hug them. and see the precious little lima bean bump i’ve heard so much about. :) :) :)

i cannot believe my sweet tylerbug is two today. i mean…when did that happen? thankful for his life and that we get to celebrate him today. :) [crying. truly humbled that God chose to save him. his little life blesses me so much.]

there are 7.5 weeks left in my semester. 7.5 weeks until i go on vacation. 7.5 weeks until i get a break. 7.5 weeks, 6 tests, 9 papers, and 2 projects until i can relax. whew…one thing at a time.



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