first steps

for the past couple of weeks, i’ve had this moment from last summer play in my mind on repeat.

in this moment i was teaching tyler how to walk. i would stand him up, hold him at his hips, face him towards his pack-and-play, and let him attempt to take a step forward. he would fall most of the time. nevertheless, every single time i picked him back up, encouraged him, and we tried again. over and over, he would fall, and i would help him back up. finally, on that glorious afternoon, he took three steps. three beautiful perfect steps.

the moment tyler started walking is a moment i hope to never forget.

but, what keeps rattling my heart about this story is its depiction of trust. tyler had to learn to trust that it was going to be ok to take a step forward. i always encouraged him, literally held his hands, and helped him come to a place of victory.

i need this reminder. no matter what, God is there. encouraging me (not once failing to do so) to step forward. holding my hands. helping me to reach the place of victory, whatever that may be.



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