mr. reed.

love this boy so much. (and his mama.)


recipes. :)

at the beginning of the year i decided i was going to make breakfast once a week. there were several reasons for this, one of them being that i wanted/needed to cook something. my life doesn’t allow me the time to cook like i used to, so it’s a way for me to de-stress and have something fun to make. :)

anyway….here are some of my favorite recipes that i’ve made.

applesauce spice muffins. de-li-cious.

*modifications: i use salted butter, and i make my own applesauce. (and it isn’t unsweetened. thats just wrong and i can’t make applesauce without cinnamon and brown sugar. if you’re wondering if it makes the muffins too sweet…it doesn’t.)

coffee cake. this is a pw recipe. and if you know her, you should know that any recipe she puts on her blog isn’t going to taste bad.

*modifications: i halved this recipe and it still made plenty. good.

snickerdoodle muffins. cinnamon and sugar are a perfect combination. always.

*modifications: i didn’t have any cream of tartar…so i had to substitute baking powder and baking soda. a quick google search will tell you what amounts of both will substitute for cream of tartar.

one week asf made blueberry crunch. that was sooo good. maybe a little dessert-ish, for me, for breakfast, but still so yummy. i don’t have a recipe for this. all i know is yellow cake mix+blueberry pie filling+butter+(maybe something else)=blueberry crunch.

hopefully in the coming weeks i’ll have more to share.

happy wednesday.

happy birthday, bug!


march 17, 2009


march 17, 2010


march 17, 2011


tybug is joy. he laughs continually and never fails to smile big. he makes me laugh. he can ask or sign for almost anything he needs, wants or just to say something. he is obsessed with his lovey. he still doesn’t like tv, but L-O-V-E-S music. the boy can bust-a-move. he loves watching for planes in the sky. occasionally, he calls mommy and daddy by their given names, danell and geg. it’s really funny. he loves flashlights, which he has to get from my mom. if he sees a red truck, it’s always “papa.”and lastly, he looks just like my sister. :)



and because it was his birthday, he was allowed to eat cookie cake before dinner. (he had just finished eating a piece and was trying to put on his dinosaur watch.)  :) :)

love this boy.


some thoughts on my mind…

i’ve been listening to the new, Passion: Here for You CD incessantly this week. thanks to the rooms. :) it has been exactly what my heart needed. something about clapping, dancing or just singing as loudly as possible while worshiping just does it for me. :)

getting to spend time with my al was so fun. i truly wish athens and kennesaw were about an hour closer. so thankful for our friendship. and for skype dates. and for tiramisu cake.

i miss annie and andrew dearly. but, thankfully i get to see them in 9 days. Eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk!!!!!! can’t wait to hug them. and see the precious little lima bean bump i’ve heard so much about. :) :) :)

i cannot believe my sweet tylerbug is two today. i mean…when did that happen? thankful for his life and that we get to celebrate him today. :) [crying. truly humbled that God chose to save him. his little life blesses me so much.]

there are 7.5 weeks left in my semester. 7.5 weeks until i go on vacation. 7.5 weeks until i get a break. 7.5 weeks, 6 tests, 9 papers, and 2 projects until i can relax. whew…one thing at a time.


first steps

for the past couple of weeks, i’ve had this moment from last summer play in my mind on repeat.

in this moment i was teaching tyler how to walk. i would stand him up, hold him at his hips, face him towards his pack-and-play, and let him attempt to take a step forward. he would fall most of the time. nevertheless, every single time i picked him back up, encouraged him, and we tried again. over and over, he would fall, and i would help him back up. finally, on that glorious afternoon, he took three steps. three beautiful perfect steps.

the moment tyler started walking is a moment i hope to never forget.

but, what keeps rattling my heart about this story is its depiction of trust. tyler had to learn to trust that it was going to be ok to take a step forward. i always encouraged him, literally held his hands, and helped him come to a place of victory.

i need this reminder. no matter what, God is there. encouraging me (not once failing to do so) to step forward. holding my hands. helping me to reach the place of victory, whatever that may be.


thankful for…

today, im thankful for..

the laughter that comes from my apartment.

the joy i feel when my 18-month-old learns a new word and uses it correctly.

the way caffeine can make me feel, temporarily, like i slept for 8 hours, even though i barely slept.

on-going email conversations full of jokes, truth, and excitement.

random text messages from my sister.


spring break week.

ahh…spring break week.

except, unlike at Berry, this spring break includes working and studying Immunology and TEAS material. bleh.


it will also include meeting Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, a.k.a., my favorite blog, a.k.a. my i-wish-i-was-best-friends-with-her-in-real-life blogger.

i. am. ridiculously. excited.

afternoon with ty

On Thursday, I picked tybug up from school early and headed to the Playground of Dreams. It’s a park near my parents house, and if I were a kid, it would be a dream. Shoot, I’m not a kid and I’m still amazed at the awesome-ness of it. Anyway, ty and I spent a couple of hours running around, sliding, swinging, and having a blast. I’m so thankful for the time I was able to spend with him. It’s a rarity these days.

I love this kid more than life.