exodus 17

last week i was feeling overwhelmed. overwhelmed with school. overwhelmed with my kids. overwhelmed with certain circumstances in my life. my mind was a fog.

then, i was reminded of Moses and the battle against the Amalekites (Exodus 17). the Israelites won as long Moses kept his hands raised. when he lowered them, the Amalekites began to overtake the Israelites. when Moses couldn’t hold his arms up anymore, Aaron and Hur each held one of them up for him.

i needed that reminder. that all i need when i’m overwhelmed is to raise my hands up, admit that i can’t do it on my own, and trust that whatever path God has for me, is just what i need. my life is totally up in the air for the next few months, and i have to trust that whatever happens is supposed to be.

i also needed the reminder that we have friends and community for a reason. Moses couldn’t do it on his own, he needed Aaron and Hur. I’m really bad about keeping what’s most important to me, to myself. i find such value in sharing in someone else’s burdens (good or bad), so why wouldn’t i allow someone to do that for me?

i’m thankful for reminders like this. God is good like that.


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