dirt road path

for miles and miles.

the journey forward continues.


dont dare turn around,

dont look back!

it’s permanent, after all.

change that can only be played back in the mind.


so, take a step forward.

sink your foot into the ground

and press on,

this journey isn’t over.


look as far ahead as you can

and when you can’t,

know that that is where your dreams lie.

always within walking distance.

never completely out of reach.


get going.


who knows what will happen,

but when you get there,

to your destination…

turn around

and take a moment

to see how far you’ve come,

what you’ve been through.

appreciate where you are

as a reflection of the journey past.


but don’t look too long.

there is still more journey left to travel.

more miles to cover,

more paths to cross.


but, please, always remember this,

you are only as far as you let yourself go.


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