I’m timid, yet adventurous. and 14. unsure of what “this” world is like. you know, “this” world? the one where friend selection is everything. the one where you’ll be faced with the temptations your parents warned you about. the one where you’ll have to choose the path that will determine the person you are and will become.

This year, I’m confident. I have a boyfriend. best friends. high school diploma. I’m 18. i never realized how one year could define my life so much. so much happened. good and bad. lessons were learned. i also met some of the best people, ever.

I made it. I did it. I proved to everyone I was close to many years ago that it could be done. I’m 22. hopes are high. dreams are endless. the world, my new world, has nothing but visions of grandeur. excitement doesn’t begin to describe what i’m feeling about my life.

I live with my parents. I don’t have a job. I’m 23. I’m going to be an aunt. Weird. Cooking has become my source of inspiration. My friends, some of them, my source of vision. hope and faith are challenging words to me.

The years have come and gone. I have changed, moved, evolved into this person. I still have no idea what I want from my life or who this person is. No idea where I’m going. but, there is this baby. this sweet, precious baby that steals every ounce of affection right out of me. tyler is teaching me more about love and hope than i could have ever learned from any of the other stuff i’ve been through. i love that kid more than life.


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