carry it in my heart.

today, i spent Thanksgiving at the hospital.

i told as many jokes as possible to keep from crying.

i loved on my mom and tried to comfort her breaking heart.

i fed my grandmother her Thanksgiving lunch.

i spent the afternoon sharing my favorite memories at my mema and grandaddy’s house with my grandmother. memories of fort building in the woods, big-wheel competitions through her azalea bush garden and “driving” the infamous Datsun were just a few of the memories i shared.

my favorite moment on this Thanksgiving, though, had to be when i said goodbye to my grandmother, she said,

“bye my sweet, nicole. i love you very much.”

i have never been so moved to hear my name, to be “nicole.” tears filled my eyes as i kissed her cheek and hugged her neck, i was sad and happy at the same time. sad, because i’m never sure if i’ll get called by name again or if that will be the last time.  happy, because i get to celebrate that moment, rejoicing in today’s milestone.

this Thanksgiving, i’m thankful that my grandmother knew my name. she remembered me, if only just for today. and i’ll have that memory to carry in my heart forever.



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