it’s almost thanksgiving and i haven’t updated this blog in almost two months. sadness.

so, in honor of the quickly approaching holiday, which i couldn’t be more excited about, i am reminded of a couple things…

one of which is that last year my whole family took our typical, thanksgiving feast to Egleston. we lined up tables, had the usual favorites, and even had a few strangers join us. it was a beautiful experience.

next, we made our way to Lenox mall and watched the tree that stood in the ground since before i was born light up for all of Atlanta to see.


[the most beautiful Christmas tree, ever.]

this year, as i swallow the lump in my throat about how it may not be exactly what I would wish I was doing, I’m reminded that it wasn’t the “norm” (whatever that is) last year, but i was overwhelmed with life and the blessings I’d been given when i went to bed that night.

I’m also reminded that without the unexpected life experiences and moments that forever alter us, we wouldn’t be the complex, yet defined people God made us to be.

so this thanksgiving, i’m especially thankful for life, because it’s one of the most precious blessings anyone can be given.

i’m also thankful for laughter; without it, we would cry all the time.

lastly, i’m thankful for love and the capacity to love until it hurts.



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