hug and a kiss.

some of the sweetest words i could ever hear…

me: “coley has to go bye-bye now. bye tyler.”

ty: “no.”

me: (started opening the door to walk out) “ok, bye, lovey.”

ty:  “uh. uh. hug. hug.” (as he starts trying to climb out of his car)

me: “ok. ok. i’m coming.”

and he reaches out of his car and hugs my neck.

ty: “kiss.”

me: “kiss.”

sweet kisses.

ty: “hug

me: “of course, lovey.”

ty: “kiss.”

me: “yes.”

sweet kisses again.

this happened two more times before i finally had to just get up and walk out.

but in that moment, that sweet, perfect moment, i was in heaven. i was loved. my cup was overflowing.

oh, if we could only love like a child. so authentic. unconditional. real.


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