a revelation.

anniversaries. thankfulness. and love. lots and lots of love.

those are the words that are filling my heart right now.

this upcoming friday, October 1st, is the one year anniversary of tyler’s first Scottish Rite visit with his jaundice (which lead to his ultimate diagnosis of AI-hemolytic anemia and AI-hepatitis).

yesterday in my anatomy class we heavily discussed jaundice. i teared up and fought tears back as the journey this time last fall filled my mind. memories of emptiness, dependency, and hope filled my mind. memories of God’s goodness and faithfulness in times of trial filled my mind. but most of all God’s victorious life-saving abilities filled my mind.

and then,

i was thankful because not only did God save tyler, the most sweet, precious and loving person ever to enter my life. but He saved me. He saved me from the valley i was in, that felt like it was swallowing me whole. He saved me from a directionless and (what felt like) a purposeless life. and then it hit me…

He is still saving me. rescuing me. every.single.day.

i’m grateful for that. overwhelmed by that.

because i never knew how passionate i was about anatomy. or about nursing. but i am. and, i’m good at it.

sometimes the darkness reveals more than what we could ever see in the light.

but praise Jesus that the Light does come and He is coming!

the truth about anatomy

a review of the past couple of weeks… (school wise)

whatever i thought was studying at Berry, wasn’t.

i never spent every spare second studying for a class,  studying the notecards before a class started and in the 5 minutes of peace i might have while nannying. and from what i’ve heard, it just gets worse.

im excited. (seriously.)

this anatomy and physiology stuff is interesting.

i study all the time, but i also walk into class each friday knowing that i’m prepared.

getting through this next year and in the nursing program i want is the goal in my life right now.

to help to do this, i need to make “A’s” in all the classes i’m in.

i’ve heard getting an “A” in anatomy is difficult.

for some strange reason, that fact doesn’t intimidate me in the least bit.

anatomy isn’t easy; it takes me hours to read 30 pages.

hours to write the terms for all the parts of the subcellular levels and so on…

but, it makes me appreciate even more so the fact that God created us in the blink of an eye to function so meticulously. so much so, that it has taken man years and years to figure it out.

we are so small. God is so big.