starting school, again.

you know those times when you think, to yourself, or even say to someone, “i will never…” you finish the sentence.

and then sometime in either the near or far future your “i will never” is becoming your  “i’m doing.”


hi, im nicole. i said i would never go back to school after graduating berry college.

and yet

here i am, attending classes about the human body, taking more stat classes and learning about the psychology of people.


(i meant that.)

i found myself thinking last night, i like being in a classroom. i like the “learning” of material, getting a syllabus, and finishing a class.

hi, i’m nicole…and i’m also a nerd. :)

it could possibly be because what i’m studying now is what i was always made to study and so the passion i have for it is ten fold compared to the passion i had about my other undergraduate degree classes.

(umm…can someone remind me of this post in 6 weeks when i preparing for midterms and i hate my life?)

all goes to say…never say never. although, your never could quite possibly be one of the greatest blessings. ever.


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