my new home.

i started a “moving day” post on saturday morning when i couldn’t sleep (even though i didn’t go to bed until 3:30 am), but i’ve yet to finish it so i thought it might be better to document it in less of a detailed post and more in a general synopsis.

so…here it goes…

i moved. in 100 degree weather. up three flights of stairs. with a full u-haul truck.

the apartment is great. roomy. cozy.and the bedrooms are all a nice fit for each us, surprisingly.

frisbee and i moved on friday morning. so…we were both up really early and decided that we wouldn’t go to bed until the boxes in the living room and kitchen were unloaded. (to say that the amount of boxes and totes we had in the living room were overwhelming would be an understatement.) but, we did it.

note…exhaustion + being awake for almost 24 hours causes deliriousness. (is that even a word?)

i’m finally getting my room finished, although i’m positive that once i start school (in 8 days!!!!) i’ll probably redo my desk area to make it work for my needs.

and i have yet to hang any artwork on the walls…i need that to change soon.

really cool art wall to be displayed in my room…will post pictures once it’s done.

this morning was the first day, in a long time, that i haven’t had to do anything. instead, i woke up at 8:00 am (typical) and started cleaning the kitchen, living room, vacuuming and organizing (my fav).

so…although i’m sure it will take a couple more weeks to get truly acclimated to everything in my new home, i’m loving it so far.


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