one looonngg week.

this is my schedule for the week.

it’s a busy one.

i’m really looking forward to saturday.

today i worked/ran around chasing babies from 7:30 until 5:30, then i had 2 hours worth of errands to take care of, then i fixed dinner, then i ate it :)

tomorrow i’ll “work” (see above) from 7:00 until 5:00ish, then i’m going to babysit a dear friends kid from 6:15 until 9ish.

whew…i’m already tired.

wednesday, i’m off work, but it’ll be a day full of last minute packing (the kind of packing you really can’t do unless last minute) and more errands

thursday, it’s another day with the kiddos, then home to load up the truck,

friday, MOVING DAY! i’m terribly excited and still dreading the whole “moving/carrying-all-my-stuff-up-three-flights-of-stairs” thing. i’ll get through it.

then, friday evening i’m taking two nyquils and sleeping until i feel like getting up..or until the cable-tv guys gets there. :)

here’s to the margarita i’m gonna want on saturday night…fris, you in? :)


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