closet office.

in my new space, i’m going to have to put my desk in my closet. my room is teeny-tiny (as mentioned in my last post), 10’10″x 11′ to be exact. at first, i wasn’t so keen on the idea of this closet office, but now i’m excited. it will be challenging to get everything i need/want to fit in a 72″x 22″ space but i know i can do it.

so, currently buzzing through my creative/ocd mind are these images…my inspiration if you will…

i like this one for the organization, partcularly in the height of the organization. plus, the fabric cork boards are a fun design element.

ok, this one might be pushing into what i like to call chaotic design. i love it so much, mainly due to the color and fabric choices.  the door organization is wonderful. unfortunately for me, i’m taking down the closet doors to my new space. they take up valuable floor space that could be better used for something else.

this one is almost perfect for me. no closet doors. functional organization. this one might be my favorite. i even like the fabric curtains on one side, so if i wanted to hide everything i could. i doubt i’ll actually do that, but it’s a nice touch.

this one has a lot of things i could actually do to make my closet office look more like a nook versus the closet that it actually is. i’m loving the addition of a mirror, which i think would open the space up. my only problem with that is, typically you’re supposed to put mirrors where light from a window can reflect off of it. that option is still up for grabs. but the bins, table lamp organization part isn’t. those things have to happen in order for my needs/wants to be satisfied.

i hope you enjoyed my view into closet offices, and if you have any advice or ideas, please let me know.


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