i have a love-hate relationship with packing.

i love organizing and thinking through what i can live without/don’t need.

i hate the process of going through everything i own. and everything that i had throughout college that’s been in storage for 2 years. and the stuff i’ve bought over the past couple of years for my “adult life”.

i would consider myself someone who doesn’t own a lot of stuff.

or at least,

i felt that way before i started packing.

this picture serves no purpose for this post, except for the fact that i think my nephew is the cutest little boy ever.

and when he’s at my house, i’m reminded that it’s just packing. and it’s not that big of a deal.

looking forward…

i have been blessed with much here lately and i’ve been trying to soak as much of it up as possible.

my life has also been culminating towards this huge change for the past several months and it ended up that it all worked out to change within the same few weeks.

with that said,

here’s what i have to look forward to…

moving into a new apartment

moving in with two very awesome and dearly loved friends

living closer to my job

getting to sleep in almost an hour later (see previous statement)

starting what could potentially be the busiest 4 months of my life

living closer to trader joe’s, whole foods, and dear friends

having an office closet (should be interesting)

lunch dates with my mama and the sis

and so much more…

it’s going to be a busy fall of 2010 but one that i’m eagerly anticipating.

the truth.

tyler’s been at daycare for three days now.

yesterday i was able to watch him through a live viewing from the internet.

it broke my heart.

i haven’t seen tyler since friday evening.

that’s 5 days.

i don’t think i’ve ever gone that long without seeing him since he was born.

i know this may make me pathetic.

and, i’m ok with that. because, this is a huge change.

and i never expected it to be this hard.

that’s the truth of it all.

that with the greatest opportunities and blessings, things have to change.

good deals.

this week….

i bought two packs of the nice printer paper for $2.00, normal price is $8.00.

i bought 15 packs of 100 pk. notecards for $3.75 (the average cost for one pack these days)

i bought a reel of 100 DVD’s for $16.00, the normal price is $60.

i bought 2, five packs of mechanical pencils for $0.50. they’re normally $4.97 each.

and walgreens is currently running a sale on my favorite pens. the sale is a pack of 2 Pilot G2 pens, in differing colors, for $0.19. So i bought 5 packs for under a $1.00. not bad considering the normal price is almost $3.00 for one pack.

i love good deals. and school supply shopping. and saving lots of money.


i’m gonna go out on a limb and say, i think one of the biggest struggles people have is wishing for more. whether that be for something to go away or for something to get here, something or anything we don’t have.

it’s easy for this to happen. we’re surrounded by so much that it’s easy to see what we don’t have. not to say, i’m (we’re) not genuinely happy for those who have what i (we) might desire. i am. but, sometimes i’m a contradiction to myself. as much as i’m happy, a teeny tiny part of me is sad, because it’s not happening to me, or someone is getting something i desire so much. and that teeny tiny part makes me realize that i’m not completely 100% happy for whatever or whomever. i hate that. but…

that’s the truth. i don’t like the truth.

for me personally, i could wish to get married, to lose weight a whole heck of a lot easier than my body likes to, to have lots of babies (naturally and of my own), to adopt a child from another country, to make a lot more money than i make and the list goes on and on and on.

and i could wake up every day and pray that those things happen, that God would show His grace in my life and gift those things to me. and i trust that in His timing, He will. but wishing doesn’t do me any good. it just floods my heart with self. it squashes any opportunity for me (you) to see ALL that God has for me right now, right here in front of my face.


the friendships that i have been given.

the wonderful church and church family i have.

a handsome nephew.

my sister.

my parents.

my awesome, new job that only God himself could have found and picked for me.

going back to school to do something i never saw coming.

the excitement about studying the human body.

the passion i have for international missions.

the money i do have.

the new home i’ll have in 3 weeks.

the fact that my 83-year-old grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, still knows my name.

and this list could go on and on and on.

so instead of wishing my life away, i’m going to wish that i soak up all that God has for me in this season, because i truly love the spot where my life is, the people i’m surrounded by, and all that God has lined up for me in the coming months.

last night’s date.

last night, i got to hang out with one of my favorite guys, mr. reed.

you could say that the date went really well.

we hung out for a little bit, played with noise makers, stared out the window for a little while, and then we had a mini-photo shoot.

we ate dinner (some of us, through a bottle) then my date crashed and decided to go to sleep for the night.

but, that’s ok, i got to see the end of the braves game and read through several Martha Stewart Living magazines (a personal fav!).

it was awesome.


my life.

kids, of any age, are my life.

from my favorite guy

to this little guy

and to the three new ones that i’m sure my heart will grow very attached to, as the weeks progress…

i love this life. and the lives i get to be a part of.

closet office.

in my new space, i’m going to have to put my desk in my closet. my room is teeny-tiny (as mentioned in my last post), 10’10″x 11′ to be exact. at first, i wasn’t so keen on the idea of this closet office, but now i’m excited. it will be challenging to get everything i need/want to fit in a 72″x 22″ space but i know i can do it.

so, currently buzzing through my creative/ocd mind are these images…my inspiration if you will…

i like this one for the organization, partcularly in the height of the organization. plus, the fabric cork boards are a fun design element.

ok, this one might be pushing into what i like to call chaotic design. i love it so much, mainly due to the color and fabric choices.  the door organization is wonderful. unfortunately for me, i’m taking down the closet doors to my new space. they take up valuable floor space that could be better used for something else.

this one is almost perfect for me. no closet doors. functional organization. this one might be my favorite. i even like the fabric curtains on one side, so if i wanted to hide everything i could. i doubt i’ll actually do that, but it’s a nice touch.

this one has a lot of things i could actually do to make my closet office look more like a nook versus the closet that it actually is. i’m loving the addition of a mirror, which i think would open the space up. my only problem with that is, typically you’re supposed to put mirrors where light from a window can reflect off of it. that option is still up for grabs. but the bins, table lamp organization part isn’t. those things have to happen in order for my needs/wants to be satisfied.

i hope you enjoyed my view into closet offices, and if you have any advice or ideas, please let me know.


since i’m moving to a new home in a month i’ve been looking for things i can make myself to save some green.

one thing that i’ve been searching for, but unable to find anywhere close to home are Amy Butler Fabrics.

when i say i’m obsessed with them, i’m actually underestimating my love affair with them.

i love them.

i’m trying to find a fabric that i love that wouldn’t make my tiny, little (new) room look smaller but rather accentuate the space and open it up.

right now…this is the front runner…the problem though is it’s a little out of my price range.

then swatches like this make me yearn for more bedrooms just so i can make some curtains using it.

so, there it is, my love affair with amy butler fabrics.