my perfect meal.

well, maybe the title is misleading, this isn’t necessarily my perfect meal, rather one of my favorite meals. also known as, if i were dying, i would want this to eat one last time.

when i studied abroad in italy, one of our favorite afternoon/day/dinner (we frequented it a lot) trips was the hill town of Fiesole, Italy, a twenty minute bus ride outside of downtown Florence.

Well, our very first trip we ate dinner at this small, yet cozy restaurant. for our antipasto we ordered a dish composed of pecorino cheese, honey and toasted pine nuts. and right then and there, my life was changed. pecorino isn’t on my top five for cheeses, it’s probably not even in my top ten. nonetheless, the freshly, shaved slices of pecorino with good honey and toasted pine nuts is one of the best things i’ve ever eaten. a perfect beginning to our meal.

and then…then came the main course, i ordered spinach ravioli. seems simple and boring, right? wrong.

freshly made pasta with fresh spinach, AMAZING. but, then it gets better, they lightly sauteed the ravioli to kind of crisp them with, get this, butter. i know, i know, i was shocked. the cook told us it was three parts butter, one part olive oil, throw in fresh parsley and chopped garlic, and you’re speaking my language.

it was and still is the best pasta dish i’ve ever eaten. nothing compares to fresh pasta. i’ve dabbled at trying to recreate it before but can never get it to taste as good. i’m convinced the olive oil and butter are better over there than in georgia.

but, lately, because i’ve been eating lots of fresh spinach, i’m craving it.

it’s a perfect meal to me. sweet and savory antipasto followed by the best pasta you’ll ever eat.

sounds like a perfect meal to me, eh?


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