martha stewart memories.

i don’t exactly remember the year or how old i was, but sometime around eighth grade-ish, my fascination with vintage things started.

i remember clearly that martha stewart featured rachel ashwell on her show. It might have even been a tour of her house or of a house she decorated. but the point is, i fell in love.


i couldn’t get enough of the vintage furniture, the whites, the delicate nature of everything in the room, yet,  still pretty pops of color to brighten things up. it was my favorite. it still is my favorite.

mom and i have been going to antique stores for a while now. it’s become our favorite hobby. sometimes we find the most awesome stuff, and sometimes, though it’s nothing we would buy, it’s nice to imagine how certain things served the family/business who used them.

this weekend, we found some great things. some awesome things.

and i immediately was reminded of rachel ashwell and my love for her. and martha stewart for bringing her into my life.

so thanks, martha and thanks, rachel for inspiring me.


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