the other morning, i fixed oatmeal for tyler’s breakfast. i had let it cool enough and was ready to feed it to him. i sat the bowl down on the kitchen table, walked towards the fridge to get some water. that’s when i heard it. that’s when i realized i had left the bowl too close to tyler’s reach, and now the oatmeal i had fixed him was on the floor, laughing at me because i should’ve known not to leave it sitting where i did. after an internal frustrating moment, i laughed it off with tyler, cleaned up the sticky, gooey mess and made another bowl.

last week, get ready for this one, it’s a wee-bit gross, i had given tyler spaghetti for lunch. the kid loves spaghetti with ground chicken. what can i say, he is his auntie’s nephew. anyway, he was a mess and definitely required a bath. so i was getting the water ready, getting him ready to go in, and put him in the tub. everything was going great, perfect. until he suddenly started squatting and grunting. i started fussing, something about “no!” “you better not be!” “tyler lee, i’m not kidding!” and then, i saw it. the unwanted little thing. maybe it was the warm water or the fact that he hadn’t gone all day, either one, i had a situation.

i pulled tyler out of the bath, drained the water, cleaned the tub and his bath toys, and started the process over again.  it only took me an hour to give him a bath. it normally takes 15 minutes, if i don’t let him play that long. when i had him lotioned up and dressed, i gave him a long explanation that those sort of things, you only did for mommy and daddy, and never, ever, ever auntie coley. i was the good one, the one who spent countless hours with him week after week. after i thought i was heard and he understood [yeah, right], i let him go play.

i’m so glad he learned the lesson, because he did the same thing two days later. i’m currently researching how to prevent this and possibly adding a surcharge per day that he does, well, you know, poop in the tub.


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