the end; a new chapter.

in 5 1/2 weeks, my life will change.

i’m choosing the change.

but, i wish i could have it all.

you know,

“have my cake and eat it too.”

that would be perfect.

that would save me from crying many tears.

you see,

for the past year tyler has been my buddy.

for 11, sometimes 12, hours a day.

i have spent more time with him than i could have ever dreamed.

he taught me things.

he laughed at me.

he loved me.

and that experience

will forever define me.

i couldn’t imagine doing anything different.

i couldn’t imagine my life without tyty.


in 5 1/2 weeks, i will start a new chapter.

i will begin a new journey.

my days will not be filled with cheerios, yogurt, huggies wipes and diapers.


i’m terribly sad about that fact.

but mainly the fact that i’ll only see tyty a couple times a week.

for as much as tyty isn’t mine, he is in a completely different way.


as i cherish the last few weeks,

the poopy diapers,

and countless laughs,

i also mourn them.

for these have been some of the greatest moments in my life.

finishing one chapter isn’t always fun, but it gets you on to the pages yet to come.

now, please excuse me, tyler’s  throwing  cheerios across the kitchen table.


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