little bit of this and that

i’m loving this designer’s home collection. it screams, “me!” and i wish i could afford to buy everything i see!

i love, love, love everything! and, it just so happens that they have a limited collection at target. :)

too bad, i can’t find the collection i like; it’s sold out everywhere.

and…i made this for dinner this week, and it was so yummy i had to share it…

chicken-tortilla pie

the only thing i did differently, was i kinda doctored up the black beans*, and i didn’t buy the brand they recommended. its pricey.

*i sauteed half of a medium onion, finely diced in a pan. i then let it cook until the onion was translucent and added in two, small, minced garlic cloves, once the garlic had cooked for a minute i added 1 can of low-sodium black beans and let it cook for a couple minutes. once i felt that it was cooked through, i added a tablespoon of hot sauce and some fresh chives. lastly, i used my potato masher to mash some of them together (kinda like refried beans, except i don’t like refried beans). then i served them as the recipe specifies.

this was delicious. and healthy. and lots of flavor. try it.


annie took some picture as i’ve said a billion times…but, i just love this one, so i thought i’d share it, again.


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