since i’ve been working on a recap of my cousin’s life/slideshow/movie for her graduation party, there have a been a few pictures that i’ve allowed to trickle in of myself. so, i thought it might be fun to share these quarky pictures. the first is a yearly tradition where, before my boys (aka, avery and ethan) came along, all the girls on easter had a photoshoot. i remember this specific easter because i thought i was the coolest 6 year old, ever. i was holding my one month old cousin. :) plus, the hat truly makes both mine and my sister’s outfits. don’t you think?

the second, is a picture of us at halloween, circa 1995. it was the halloween where it snowed. my grandmother sewed my princess dress that year. i thought it was the coolest. and, for those of you who were wondering, think tyler looks anything like his mama?? (hope you’re thinking, yes!) and the little girl dressed up as one of the barney characters, not a member of the fam. another piece of info: my hair was straight until after this year. right after this it started getting curlier and curlier.

hope you enjoyed that flashback. :)


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