it’s all about the time.

last week God began teaching me a HUGE lesson.

the lesson He started preparing me for 2 years and 2 months ago.

and when i realized what the lesson was going to be, i cried.

and then, i began joyfully singing praises to His name, because really and truly God’s timing is perfect.

for the first time in 2 years, i saw my life in a birds eye view.

it was beautiful.

for the first time, in a long time, i learned how when God wants something done. it will happen.

i was overwhelmed with grace.

for the first time in months, i was proud of where my life was going.

i was grateful.

God’s timing in everything is truly perfect.

my perfect meal.

well, maybe the title is misleading, this isn’t necessarily my perfect meal, rather one of my favorite meals. also known as, if i were dying, i would want this to eat one last time.

when i studied abroad in italy, one of our favorite afternoon/day/dinner (we frequented it a lot) trips was the hill town of Fiesole, Italy, a twenty minute bus ride outside of downtown Florence.

Well, our very first trip we ate dinner at this small, yet cozy restaurant. for our antipasto we ordered a dish composed of pecorino cheese, honey and toasted pine nuts. and right then and there, my life was changed. pecorino isn’t on my top five for cheeses, it’s probably not even in my top ten. nonetheless, the freshly, shaved slices of pecorino with good honey and toasted pine nuts is one of the best things i’ve ever eaten. a perfect beginning to our meal.

and then…then came the main course, i ordered spinach ravioli. seems simple and boring, right? wrong.

freshly made pasta with fresh spinach, AMAZING. but, then it gets better, they lightly sauteed the ravioli to kind of crisp them with, get this, butter. i know, i know, i was shocked. the cook told us it was three parts butter, one part olive oil, throw in fresh parsley and chopped garlic, and you’re speaking my language.

it was and still is the best pasta dish i’ve ever eaten. nothing compares to fresh pasta. i’ve dabbled at trying to recreate it before but can never get it to taste as good. i’m convinced the olive oil and butter are better over there than in georgia.

but, lately, because i’ve been eating lots of fresh spinach, i’m craving it.

it’s a perfect meal to me. sweet and savory antipasto followed by the best pasta you’ll ever eat.

sounds like a perfect meal to me, eh?

martha stewart memories.

i don’t exactly remember the year or how old i was, but sometime around eighth grade-ish, my fascination with vintage things started.

i remember clearly that martha stewart featured rachel ashwell on her show. It might have even been a tour of her house or of a house she decorated. but the point is, i fell in love.


i couldn’t get enough of the vintage furniture, the whites, the delicate nature of everything in the room, yet,  still pretty pops of color to brighten things up. it was my favorite. it still is my favorite.

mom and i have been going to antique stores for a while now. it’s become our favorite hobby. sometimes we find the most awesome stuff, and sometimes, though it’s nothing we would buy, it’s nice to imagine how certain things served the family/business who used them.

this weekend, we found some great things. some awesome things.

and i immediately was reminded of rachel ashwell and my love for her. and martha stewart for bringing her into my life.

so thanks, martha and thanks, rachel for inspiring me.


the other morning, i fixed oatmeal for tyler’s breakfast. i had let it cool enough and was ready to feed it to him. i sat the bowl down on the kitchen table, walked towards the fridge to get some water. that’s when i heard it. that’s when i realized i had left the bowl too close to tyler’s reach, and now the oatmeal i had fixed him was on the floor, laughing at me because i should’ve known not to leave it sitting where i did. after an internal frustrating moment, i laughed it off with tyler, cleaned up the sticky, gooey mess and made another bowl.

last week, get ready for this one, it’s a wee-bit gross, i had given tyler spaghetti for lunch. the kid loves spaghetti with ground chicken. what can i say, he is his auntie’s nephew. anyway, he was a mess and definitely required a bath. so i was getting the water ready, getting him ready to go in, and put him in the tub. everything was going great, perfect. until he suddenly started squatting and grunting. i started fussing, something about “no!” “you better not be!” “tyler lee, i’m not kidding!” and then, i saw it. the unwanted little thing. maybe it was the warm water or the fact that he hadn’t gone all day, either one, i had a situation.

i pulled tyler out of the bath, drained the water, cleaned the tub and his bath toys, and started the process over again.  it only took me an hour to give him a bath. it normally takes 15 minutes, if i don’t let him play that long. when i had him lotioned up and dressed, i gave him a long explanation that those sort of things, you only did for mommy and daddy, and never, ever, ever auntie coley. i was the good one, the one who spent countless hours with him week after week. after i thought i was heard and he understood [yeah, right], i let him go play.

i’m so glad he learned the lesson, because he did the same thing two days later. i’m currently researching how to prevent this and possibly adding a surcharge per day that he does, well, you know, poop in the tub.

You’re beautiful.

when i’m having a stressful day, bad day or even a prideful day, there are a handful of songs that bring me to a point where i find myself on my knees because i just can’t do anything else but shout proclamations of joy, hope and love back to our wonderful Savior for rescuing me once again. but, this song, this song makes me weep. weep tears of gratefulness, true delight, amazement, and awe-struck wonder that a huge, omniscient God would died for me. i am humbled. and i can’t listen to the song without it bringing me back to a point of focus. the focus, being about the Kingdom, not me, my life, whatever else seems SO important. it’s not. people in Africa (or anywhere else in the world, like downtown Atlanta) who’ve never heard Jesus’ name are what it’s ALL about.

so thank you Abba for reminding me, for bringing me back to the point where it truly is all about You.

“I see you there hanging on a tree
You bled and then you died and then you rose again for me
Now you are sitting on Your heavenly throne
Soon we will be coming home
You’re beautiful, You’re beautiful!”

Phil Wickham, “Beautiful

the end; a new chapter.

in 5 1/2 weeks, my life will change.

i’m choosing the change.

but, i wish i could have it all.

you know,

“have my cake and eat it too.”

that would be perfect.

that would save me from crying many tears.

you see,

for the past year tyler has been my buddy.

for 11, sometimes 12, hours a day.

i have spent more time with him than i could have ever dreamed.

he taught me things.

he laughed at me.

he loved me.

and that experience

will forever define me.

i couldn’t imagine doing anything different.

i couldn’t imagine my life without tyty.


in 5 1/2 weeks, i will start a new chapter.

i will begin a new journey.

my days will not be filled with cheerios, yogurt, huggies wipes and diapers.


i’m terribly sad about that fact.

but mainly the fact that i’ll only see tyty a couple times a week.

for as much as tyty isn’t mine, he is in a completely different way.


as i cherish the last few weeks,

the poopy diapers,

and countless laughs,

i also mourn them.

for these have been some of the greatest moments in my life.

finishing one chapter isn’t always fun, but it gets you on to the pages yet to come.

now, please excuse me, tyler’s  throwing  cheerios across the kitchen table.

little bit of this and that

i’m loving this designer’s home collection. it screams, “me!” and i wish i could afford to buy everything i see!

i love, love, love everything! and, it just so happens that they have a limited collection at target. :)

too bad, i can’t find the collection i like; it’s sold out everywhere.

and…i made this for dinner this week, and it was so yummy i had to share it…

chicken-tortilla pie

the only thing i did differently, was i kinda doctored up the black beans*, and i didn’t buy the brand they recommended. its pricey.

*i sauteed half of a medium onion, finely diced in a pan. i then let it cook until the onion was translucent and added in two, small, minced garlic cloves, once the garlic had cooked for a minute i added 1 can of low-sodium black beans and let it cook for a couple minutes. once i felt that it was cooked through, i added a tablespoon of hot sauce and some fresh chives. lastly, i used my potato masher to mash some of them together (kinda like refried beans, except i don’t like refried beans). then i served them as the recipe specifies.

this was delicious. and healthy. and lots of flavor. try it.


annie took some picture as i’ve said a billion times…but, i just love this one, so i thought i’d share it, again.