a few facts.

i’ve listened to hanson several times over the course of the past week. for some reason, it eases the stress that has become my life the past couple of weeks. or, maybe, it’s because it takes me back to middle school, where i had no responsibility, no stress, just swimming for hours with my bff (at the time) all whilst “mmmbop” looped over and over. gosh, that was great.

i proceeded to work on making a somewhat-complicated movie for my cousin’s graduation coming up, and in doing so, strained my eyes. i should also state that i didn’t wear my glasses. (i forgot??) so, my eyes hate me. and my head is suffering the consequences.

my nephew is the cutest little boy ever.

and he loves to ride the lawnmower with his “pa,” as he calls him now.

isn’t that terribly cute?

also, i have the greatest friends. every.single.one.of.them.

and lastly, praise Jesus for the freedom we experience in everything we do. today, i remember not only my family members who have served but everyone else who has served our country. i will not forget.


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