banana bread.

i love banana bread. but, i must say, i’m quite the picky one when it comes to what measures up. i hate recipes with too many nuts, overused cinnamon or nutmeg, and too much oil.

that is, until i stumbled upon this recipe from Cook’s Illustrated.

if you’ve never read Cook’s Illustrated, make that a priority to do so. It’s probably one of the BEST cooking magazines in publication. the recipes that come from that magazine have never let me down. ever.

so, when i had over-ripened bananas i knew the perfect recipe for them.

what can i say about this banana bread recipe? it has no oil in it, using yogurt instead. all we had in the house was greek yogurt and it worked just fine. the only thing i changed was that i didn’t add the nuts (mama has an aversion to walnuts) and i just used regular salted butter (you don’t have to use unsalted butter, even in cakes, fyi) because that’s what we had.

so, please, trust me on this, and try this recipe for beautiful, crunchy topped and perfectly moist on the inside, banana bread. or as ty would say, “nan bed”.

try it. you’ll love it. and then tell me about it.


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