i think we all have certain people in our life we’ve grown up with, who know things no one else could know. those people can never be replaced. they hold a special place inside of us that will always provide a sense of home or comfort. that person for me is, b, or blair to most people.

i might have mentioned this before, but, b and i usually only see each other, at a maximum, three times a year. the times that we do, we spend hours just sitting and talking and nothing else. sure, we talk throughout the year and email, but nothing compares to a cup of coffee and a dear friend. though i may not see her as often as i would like, when i do, i feel like she’s the sister i never see. she is my sister. she is family.

as i stood watching her walk down the aisle sunday and then repeat her vows to her beloved, i couldn’t help but reminisce of all the dear memories that we share together. the good times, the hard times, the times where we just sat crying with each other. many defining moments were shared with her, and i wouldn’t want them to be with anyone else.

so, as i stood, honored to be a part of her very special day, i couldn’t help but share with you how grateful i am for her life, for her faith (as it has been a source of inspiration for me), and her friendship.


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