a little tidbit

my parents are moving.

which, by default,

means i’m moving too.

just to give you some perspective on the amount things will change, besides the obvious address, telephone number (that’s been the same since i was born) and convenience to civilization change.

the city they’re moving was the first to use a school bus in the nation.

the population is around 4500 for the city. please note, they are not moving to the city…they are moving off of a dirt road, in the country, aka middle of nothing.

the closest walmart is 10 miles from the house.

the closest gas station is a 10 minute drive.

the ONLY restaurant close to the house, without driving into “town” as people call it, is called Phat Phil’s. (please, laugh with me.) although, “everyone” says it’s awesome.

the closest target (aka one of my favorite stores) is 19 miles away.


we have learned there are horses when you turn onto the road the driveway is off…and they just so happen to like walking up to the gate where our driveway begins. i’ve always wanted horses. :)

the dogs at the neighbor’s house (and by neighbor, i mean, the house closest to the new house, but not really in neighbor limits) are super friendly.

so…even though it’s what my parents have always wanted…i’m finding myself wanting to just go to target or, heck, even walmart just to peruse while i can, excuse me, while it’s convenient. because in 3 weeks…it will no longer be convenient to go anywhere.

i’m coming to terms with this.

but, i’m so happy for them, that all of the aforementioned things don’t matter too much. (ok, maybe just a little. )



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