weekend recap

i had an interesting/fun weekend.

i took some pictures on friday of my dear friend’s sister…

then, i came home and prepared myself for a wedding on saturday. on my list of things to pack, included: rain boots, rain jacket, change of clothes, overnight bag (just in case), 2 large umbrellas. apparently, the storms didn’t like to my request to hold off. instead, amanda and i headed east to the town of gibson, ga, saturday morning.

the wedding…well…besides it raining cats and dogs, the matron of honor, the groom who showed up ten minutes before the ceremony, the whole family situation (which you can read more about here), waiting an extra two hours for them to leave when no one stayed to watch them leave, except myself and fris, and the stank (d.f.a.) dog on the property, it was a decent day.

and by decent, i mean, never been so happy to be back on this side of atlanta.

i’m so thankful for amanda.

i’m also thankful for nmc. home goods. and the new house.


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