what a baby can teach you…

1. it’s not about you. it will never be about you. i don’t know about you, but that’s pretty humbling.

2. sleepovers are never as fun as they were when you were a lot younger. my cousin ethan used to sleep with me all the time when i was in middle school and he was a baby…for some reason, waking up in the middle of night then never bothered me much. now? my first thought is usually…how quick can i calm him down so i can go back to sleep?

3. no lotion can make your skin as soft as theirs. i love baby skin. who doesn’t?

4. a teething child will make you want to pull your hair out. (or make it fall out.) i would consider myself a pro when it comes to children. i have mucho experience. but when i found myself in tears a couple weeks ago because a certain someone was teething and did not want to stop screaming, i knew i wasn’t as awesome with kids as i had once thought. (my mom later reminded me that those moments are just a part of it. it made me feel better.)

5. you will never laugh as much with someone as you do with a baby. this is a promise. i laugh a lot with my family. but when it comes to tyler, i laugh until my sides hurt. maybe it’s because when he starts cackling with laughter so hard he starts crying, it’s hard to hold it together? whatever it is…babies are a joy.

the list could go and on and on…but today, i’m reflecting on these.

happy thursday!


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