photo inspiration

if you’ve followed my blog for a while, or pretty much since its existence, then you’ve seen the photo i’m about to show you before. the first time i showed it to you, it was a dream for me to create a room that reflected the style out of this picture. well, with excitement, i can say that i’m getting my wish. at the new house that i mentioned yesterday, my mom wanted to put two twin beds in one of the extra bedrooms. it also just so happened that we had a vintage-y nightstand and dresser that would have ended up in the storage room, if it weren’t for the fact that my mom loved the photo, also.

we don’t plan on copycatting the photo…i have my own ideas for wall art (which is another post in the making) but the use of white bedding, the blue dresser, old doors and coral color will all come in to play. can’t wait to share it with you.

road trip.

tomorrow morning i’m packing up and headed west. ok, just to mississippi, but it’s still west from here. thankfully, sho volunteered to go with me. so, we thought we’d make the most of our 7 hour journey and find some stores to stop at along the way. i love planning NOT to plan. did that make sense?

my oldest friend, blair and her handsome, japanese fiance are getting married on sunday. i couldn’t be more excited for her, except maybe if she was going to be living in georgia and not mississippi. but that’s an issue for another day.

it should be a fun weekend. full of great memories. i’m sure i’ll have some stories to post when i return.

a little tidbit

my parents are moving.

which, by default,

means i’m moving too.

just to give you some perspective on the amount things will change, besides the obvious address, telephone number (that’s been the same since i was born) and convenience to civilization change.

the city they’re moving was the first to use a school bus in the nation.

the population is around 4500 for the city. please note, they are not moving to the city…they are moving off of a dirt road, in the country, aka middle of nothing.

the closest walmart is 10 miles from the house.

the closest gas station is a 10 minute drive.

the ONLY restaurant close to the house, without driving into “town” as people call it, is called Phat Phil’s. (please, laugh with me.) although, “everyone” says it’s awesome.

the closest target (aka one of my favorite stores) is 19 miles away.


we have learned there are horses when you turn onto the road the driveway is off…and they just so happen to like walking up to the gate where our driveway begins. i’ve always wanted horses. :)

the dogs at the neighbor’s house (and by neighbor, i mean, the house closest to the new house, but not really in neighbor limits) are super friendly.

so…even though it’s what my parents have always wanted…i’m finding myself wanting to just go to target or, heck, even walmart just to peruse while i can, excuse me, while it’s convenient. because in 3 weeks…it will no longer be convenient to go anywhere.

i’m coming to terms with this.

but, i’m so happy for them, that all of the aforementioned things don’t matter too much. (ok, maybe just a little. )


weekend recap

i had an interesting/fun weekend.

i took some pictures on friday of my dear friend’s sister…

then, i came home and prepared myself for a wedding on saturday. on my list of things to pack, included: rain boots, rain jacket, change of clothes, overnight bag (just in case), 2 large umbrellas. apparently, the storms didn’t like to my request to hold off. instead, amanda and i headed east to the town of gibson, ga, saturday morning.

the wedding…well…besides it raining cats and dogs, the matron of honor, the groom who showed up ten minutes before the ceremony, the whole family situation (which you can read more about here), waiting an extra two hours for them to leave when no one stayed to watch them leave, except myself and fris, and the stank (d.f.a.) dog on the property, it was a decent day.

and by decent, i mean, never been so happy to be back on this side of atlanta.

i’m so thankful for amanda.

i’m also thankful for nmc. home goods. and the new house.

what a baby can teach you…

1. it’s not about you. it will never be about you. i don’t know about you, but that’s pretty humbling.

2. sleepovers are never as fun as they were when you were a lot younger. my cousin ethan used to sleep with me all the time when i was in middle school and he was a baby…for some reason, waking up in the middle of night then never bothered me much. now? my first thought is usually…how quick can i calm him down so i can go back to sleep?

3. no lotion can make your skin as soft as theirs. i love baby skin. who doesn’t?

4. a teething child will make you want to pull your hair out. (or make it fall out.) i would consider myself a pro when it comes to children. i have mucho experience. but when i found myself in tears a couple weeks ago because a certain someone was teething and did not want to stop screaming, i knew i wasn’t as awesome with kids as i had once thought. (my mom later reminded me that those moments are just a part of it. it made me feel better.)

5. you will never laugh as much with someone as you do with a baby. this is a promise. i laugh a lot with my family. but when it comes to tyler, i laugh until my sides hurt. maybe it’s because when he starts cackling with laughter so hard he starts crying, it’s hard to hold it together? whatever it is…babies are a joy.

the list could go and on and on…but today, i’m reflecting on these.

happy thursday!

football, anyone?

on a rainy day like this…there aren’t many options forĀ  ty and i to play outside.

(umm, please excuse the chopped fingertips…he doesn’t really need those anyway, right? a moving child is always a challenge to photograph)

the front porch is really our only option to enjoy the smell of rain (one of my favorites), the colors of spring, and the wonderful temperature.

but, in tyler’s case…





and cute, little feet.


the weather forecast

i love rain, most of the time. my exceptions are when it floods (like last fall), when i have a lot of errands to run (but thanks to my rain boots, i can manage), and when i have to shoot an outdoor wedding…in the country…where i’m not sure there is an alternative solution.

in that case, it’s my least favorite. cameras + rain = no bueno.

so…this week…i’ll pray that the rain holds off until saturday night.


this weekend was busy.


but busy.

i took some pictures…

went shopping with my mama…

saved $50 at the grocery store from buying healthy food and stockpiling things like chicken stock, peanut butter (because ty and my dad eat tons of it) and other essential items…

cooked a delish sunday lunch…

and the weather was perfect.

ahhh…nothing like beautiful weather to accompany such an incredible weekend.


this is what i know…

i know i love taking pictures…

i know i love this progression…

i know that a good deal will always make me happy…like getting a table you’ve looked at for months that was originally $600 for $120.

i know i that change is inevitable…but i still tend to shy away from it. clearly teaching me that i’m not as comfortable with letting God, and letting go.

i know, and this one is most important, that without-a-doubt the day Jesus began living inside of me was the best day of my life.

happy monday everyone!