drink organic milk.

a couple of years ago, actually about 4, i read an article about what was in the milk i was drinking. it made me sick to my stomach. i let my parents read the article. it even made my dad sick to his stomach. it was at that moment, we decided to become an organic milk drinking home. it was challenging at first, because organic milk was more expensive. sometimes twice as much if it’s not on sale and there are no coupons, but, it was a choice that we knew we needed to make.

most people are aware that cows are fed all sorts of chemicals, but don’t care enough to think that when you buy regular milk, you ingest those chemicals. your body absorbs them and reacts accordingly. there have been studies after studies showing the negative effects of these chemicals in children and adults. there are so many stomach issues caused from these. some studies have shown a link to causing cancer.

my question for people when they act like it’s no big deal is always,

“would you willingly eat this?”

i know you’re probably thinking…they put this on the ground. but, they put a TON of it and then the cows eat it. and then we drink the milk that comes from them. it’s been proven that this is one of the pesticides in the non-organic milk mass-produced.

GLUFOSINATE: this is a chemical also found in non-organic milk. what comes to mind when i see a word like this is, clearly that is man made and probably not natural. in fact, it’s not. if you google glufosinate, you’ll be surprised at all of the unhealthy side effects caused from this chemical.

CONTAMINATED SEWAGE SLUDGE: i chose not to include a picture here, for obvious reasons. this sludge is used for the land the cows feed off of. normally, i wouldn’t be opposed to the “nasty” to be used as fertilizer. my problem with this is the fact that it’s contaminated with all types of chemicals that the government is fully aware of. they choose to remain quiet about this factor, knowing good and well that the chemicals in this sludge could harm an individual if taken.

ANTIBIOTICS & HORMONES: this is probably the most common term used in association with organic and non-organic milk. what should concern you is, that not only are TONS and TONS of chemicals being injected into cows to produce TONS and TONS of milk, the government also doesn’t require companies to check for all the chemicals to be clean in the milk. meaning, if they put 25 different chemicals into the cows, they are only required by law to check for 5 of them. so drink up, non-organic drinkers! enjoy those chemicals and antibiotics.

i don’t mean to sound harsh, actually i do. i hope i’ve offended you. because it breaks my heart when people tell me it’s ok. it’s not ok. it’s not ok for anyone. i realize it’s expensive. but you, as a person, are worth more. and come on, paying $1 to $2 more on the grocery bill isn’t going to break the bank. it kills me that so many americans have health issues, but never attribute their problems to the food they might be eating. just think that if the milk has all these chemicals in it, what else does everything else have?

though, you may never willingly eat fertilizer (that is harmful and can cause death if swallowed, as written on the labels), you do every single time you are drinking non-organic milk.

just some food for thought.


1 thought on “drink organic milk.

  1. Ok, you got me. I did get in the habit of drinking organic milk a while back (and that was because of you), but for some reason or another I got out of the habit. Thanks so much for this article because it reminded me that I wish we lived closer and you could tell me which food to eat more often :) Next time I go to the grocery story, I’m going back to organic. But… which organic milk do you drink? Are they all good or are some brands better than others?

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