birthday cake.

tomorrow, tyler will get to rip into his first cake, his smash cake, but because his birthday was on wednesday, we decided to go ahead and let him practice with a chocolate cupcake. he loves sweet things, so we were hopeful he would make the mess that most one-year-olds make. you know, icing all over the face and hands?

well….instead of talking about how tyler did…why don’t i just show you?

it was all going ok…the sis put his hands in the icing, to which he put them on his face and legs (i secretly cheered that he keep making a mess, i was hopeful for an awesome picture.). everything was going great…

until this. the sis gave him a bite of chocolate cake. CLEARLY, he didn’t like it.

and once he proceeded to gag up the cake, he then made a sour face for the next five minutes. to reiterate it again, he DID.NOT.LIKE.IT.

but, after the sis cleaned the sheet up, he decided to try what was on his face…and he loved it.

so, all in all, it was a semi-success.

can’t wait to see what he does tomorrow.

or to see how all of the decorations d and i have been working on for the past couple of weeks will look.

p.s. need homemade, crafty decorations on the cheap? hobby lobby will be your best friend. we spent 15 dollars for a boo-koodle of stuff.


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