a post about food…

alright here’s the deal, i’ve been debating about putting a couple of stories on here involving my family’s pup [aka, the toy poodle known around here as cinna-dog] because she’s the most eccentric animal i’ve ever known and i have this love/dislike relationship with her, but ultimately decided that i’d rather write about food. so, food it is…

last weekend, while the mom and i were at kroger picking up the deodorant my dad uses [it was on sale for $1.00 i had a $0.25 coupon which, when doubled, made the deodorant $0.50 each. we bought all they had [8] and saved $28 dollars.] someone has left a kroger coupon on the print out it gives you when you checkout. the coupon was for a free Silk Pure Almond milk.

so, the next day while making the weekly shopping trip to Publix, we obliged and used our free coupon to try out this new milk. i was somewhat a skeptic, i will add, because i hate soy milk anything. [in fact, don’t get me started on why you shouldn’t even be drinking soy anything or eating a lot of it…just know it’s not healthy, your body wasn’t made to digest a food source like that and there are studies shown that soy compounds cause cancer.] but this, this wasn’t anything like soy. in fact, it was awesome. it was soo good and so healthy for me i almost felt bad for not giving it a try sooner. it’s only 60 calories for a glass of it and has tons of vitamins and minerals. on tuesday, i was having a sweet tooth, so i mixed a wee bit of chocolate syrup with a glass of it and for 90 calories, i conquered my sweet tooth and appetite all in one.

now, for those avid milk drinkers (because i’m one of them) i’m not saying give it up…i’m giving you another option.

ok…on to the good stuff…

lemon blueberry muffins

i don’t exactly remember when i came across this recipe, because i’ve had it bookmarked for a while now, but hopefully the day will come soon when i have an opportunity to make them.

blood orange muffins

no offense to anyone else, but i put this one on here specifically for A. not only are they visually appealing but they sound incredible.

i don’t know if it’s because spring is upon us but i’m finding the most incredible recipes and that makes me sooo happy.


2 thoughts on “a post about food…

  1. Ok so you know that I’m probably still skeptical about the almond milk… BUT those blood orange muffins sound amazing! We WILL conquer our quest to make awesome Honeymoon-Bakery-esque blood orange bars!

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