i have to warn you, you might cry before you’re done reading this post. but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t let that deter you from reading on…it’s worth it, i promise.

when i read this post from the pioneer woman’s website, i felt my heart sink. you know, that sinking feeling where the tears are coming you just don’t know when.

the first picture itself had me going…it reminded me so much of these people…

they’re in a distant land not too far from kenya.

and then, then i clicked on the link. the link that took me to Pastor Ryan’s website. it was quite possibly the best/worst decision i made today.

i started reading and sobbing all at once. i miss the hearts of african children. i miss the genuine and authentic love they pour out on complete strangers. i miss the unjudgemental attitudes. i MISS them!

but, as i read, i was comforted. Pastor Ryan made this statement, “In a world where so many things don’t work the way that they should, I can say with confidence that child sponsorship does.” then, came the tears of utter joy. it’s not that i didn’t believe child sponsorship worked, i sponsor a child after all. it’s just..to be able to see it and read about it is another thing. maybe it’s because the pictures are incredible, and i truly believe if i reached through my computer screen i could touch the faces of those precious children. but it’s beautiful. and i think Pastor Ryan does a fantastic job of portraying african lifestyle with an honest depiction of how he’s processing it.

so, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go spend a few minutes looking and reading his website. it’s beautiful, captivating and inspiring in so many ways.

and for pete’s sake, please sponsor a child if you’re not. it doesn’t have to be in africa…it can be in downtown atlanta. just sponsor one.


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