ready, set, go!

ok…as much haste as i have towards writing what im about to write, i’m doing it anyway.

because…i figure at least if i put it in cyberspace, it’s like i’m telling the world.

so…here goes,

tomorrow i’m going to begin a journey towards getting rid of the problems my body has been experiencing.

i could go to the doctor. i could do that. but they would just give me a prescription and send me on my way. i refuse to do that. it’s not in my psyche to do that. plus, medicine isn’t the cure, it’s the quick fix.

for the past 6 months, i have been keeping a journal of what im eating, how much, how often, how much i’m sleeping and so on. i started documenting it to help figure out what was causing my migraines. there are so many possibilities, i was determined to figure it out myself. and then, about 4 months ago, i started having really bad blood sugar issues. it scared me a few times. and after much prayer and thought and long talks with my mama, i’ve decided that i will go to a doctor…when i try my method first. and when i go to a doctor i want it to be a more hollistic doctor, maybe they’ll care a little more. but for now, i’m making my own journey.

tomorrow, i’m going to start doing the Jillian Michales 30 Day Shred dvd. i’ve done it before, but i never stick with it because it kicks my butt. so, i go running back to the elliptical or treadmill. but i’m trying something new, my plan is this:

TUESDAY:    SHRED [30 min] & GYM [30-45 min]
WEDNESDAY:    SHRED [30 min] & GYM [30-45 min]
THURSDAY:    SHRED [30 min]
FRIDAY:    SHRED [30 min] & GYM [30-45 min]
SATURDAY:     SHRED [30 min] & GYM [30-45 min]

it’s going to be hard. i won’t lie, i’m a little intimidated at the thought of the weekly workout. but, the thing that keeps me motivated about this…is 1. i know it works. 2. i can progress the levels when i feel im ready 3. the previous times i’ve done it, although i was terribly sore, it felt great to feel muscles that i never used.

so…with your encouragement…i’m setting out on a new journey.

wish me grace, because i know i’ll need it. :) and i’ll try my best to keep you updated, that is, if jillian doesn’t work my fingers out so hard i can’t even type.


1 thought on “ready, set, go!

  1. I’m so excited for you! More than anything, I really want your headaches to stop so I hope your new plan will be able to provide a good start to ending those darn problems you’ve been having for years. I love you, friend!

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