a celebration of life.

i try to talk about things other than my bugga, but the truth is, he is a part of me, who i am and defines my life for the past year. i could ramble about cooking, why Jake was my favorite Bachelor, how LOST is the best show EVER, and how on earth  Haeley Vaughn and Tim Urban are still on American Idol? [i hope that changes tonight.] i could talk about all of that, and sometime i might. but today, just like most other days, tyler seems to be what im comfortable talking about…and, so, that’s what i’m going to do.

bugga, has the most beautiful eyelashes. he gets them from his daddy. [why do guys get the long thick eyelashes, anyway??]

and, when i think about the fact that in less than two weeks, that sweet baby boy will be a year old, i cry. i can’t believe it. as the sis and i have been preparing for tyler’s birthday bash, we have also tried to make it a celebration of his life. because, the truth is, several months ago, dr. vos told us he wouldn’t leave the hospital. but he did. and every day he is here is a reason to celebrate.

we tried to be intentional in planning his birthday to where it wasn’t just a party about presents and cake. my sister wanted people to hang around, and truly celebrate tyler’s life. plus, i think we’ve done an excellent job with the “rockin elmo” theme. how did we choose this, you may ask? tyler has loved elmo since he was old enough to see sesame street on the television. it was a given that elmo, aka mo-mo as tyler calls him, would make an appearance, and then when the sis found a rock star/music themed party, she knew that’s what it would be, a “rockin’ elmo” party.

i’m so excited about it. and i’m relieved that all 40 invitations, which were hand-addressed by moi, are done. if you’re thinking 40 invites?? you’re doing the same thing i did, but there are people who have influenced tyler’s life or have been a huge support system for the sis and b-i-l, that his birthday celebration wouldn’t be right without them. the best part about this birthday, is that it’s on the b-i-l’s birthday. how special for him, right?

ok…enough about tyler’s birthday…can’t wait to share more pictures.


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