morning wake-up call.

tyler and i had a sleepover last night [the sis and b-i-l were celebrating three years of marriage, five years of togetherness]. we played with mimi, ate dinner at cracker barrel, and then he fell asleep at 8:15. a little early for a sleepover if you ask me. i gave him a break though, he does have double ear infections. :(

the only problem about having a sleepover with an 11-month old is that at 6:30 this morning, i heard a lot of “bye-bye” and clapping and “mama” and “da-da” and other jibberish which im sure if i could speak baby talk i would’ve understood. a wee too early for a saturday morning, don’t ya think?

i thought about ignoring him, but when i looked over and saw his buzz lightyear pajamas i couldn’t help but grab him out of his bed and kiss him til he told me to stop.

i’d say that’s the best kind of wake-up call anyone could ask for.


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