aveda rosemary and mint.

a couple weeks ago, my dad had to travel to montgomery, alabama for a few days…which isnt out of the ordinary (he travels all the time). and as usual, he brought back the complimentary shampoo and conditioner products that were left for him in his room. side story… my dad and a few of his friends collect all the trial size shampoo and conditioner products in gallon size bags and then give them to a battered women’s shelter in atlanta. so needless to say, next time…don’t just leave or throw them away, someone needs them and will gladly use them.

anyway…this time was different. i noticed he pulled out a little aveda bottle of something. and then i opened it and smelled the heavenly smell of rosemary mint. once i asked if it was ok if i hijacked the aveda products to try for myself, i jumped in the shower to try them out. ok, so i didn’t jump immediately into the shower but i wanted to because it smelled so good.

to my surprise, the hotel also provided aveda body cleanser and moisturizer. i was in heaven.

and my thoughts…they are all awesome! i couldn’t brag about them enough. i have very sensitive skin and can’t put any perfumey cleansers on my skin, but this line of aveda products are organic and have natural products in them. even more awesome, huh?

so you can imagine how sad i was once i used up the little amount that i had. i went to research how much it might cost…and though it’s more than i’d like to spend on hair products, i’m ok with it. my hair never felt better, it’s never looked better. i have very dull hair, but it was so shiny. it was so soft, and any shampoo that can make my hair not feel so coarse is a miracle! the body cleanser, as well, left my skin smelling refreshingly clean and ever so soft, before i added lotion.

so…all that to say…i love it when people tell me about a new product that they love, so i wanted to share this one with you! try it out. it’s the best.


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