a baking fool.

though i’ve been fighting sickness this week…it hasn’t stopped the urge that i woke up with last saturday morning. i woke up and immediately felt compelled to bake. bake cupcakes. bake cookies. bake anything. i just needed the satisfaction of having done some baking. so that’s what i did.

first up…

whoopie pies.

i know. i know. hilarious name.

but, these things were the bomb-diggity. so much so, i took a half of one and sent the rest home to my brother-in-law. he doesn’t mind the calories as much as i do.

back to the bomb-diggityness of these oreo-like cakes. the chocolate cookie/cake was probably one of the best chocolate cakes i’ve ever had. it wasn’t too dense. the chocolate flavor was there but not overwhlemingly rich. it was wonderful. but then, then you put the icing in between two of these suckers and heaven exist in your mouth. it’s like the BEST oreo you’ve ever eaten and about five times as many calories. :) who said good stuff had to be healthy anyway?

so, that was what i thought would get the bake! sensation satisfied.

i was wrong. it didn’t.

so…when i saw this recipe on the tasty kitchen blog i knew this would just have to satisfy my need to bake. i was praying it would.

second on the list…

chocolate chip scones.

these are not your typical scones. no food processor. no cutting-in of the butter. no butter at all, actually.

i was intrigued. and they were delicious. i actually got in trouble with the sis for not making enough for her to eat on for a few days.

they were simple to make. a scone version of a good chocolate chip muffin, except not near as sweet from too much sugar.

they were awesome. sooooo easy. i even thought about putting a heaping spoonful into a muffin tin at one point and might try it out eventually.

and that, friends, is what cured my baking need. it’s simple really, dirty lots of pans and make more sweets than your house/kitchen has seen in weeks and you’ll have it. the only problem with that is, family members tend to get grumpy when the sweet supply is emptied and the cook refuses to bake anything else that might prevent the treadmill from doing its job.


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