tyler is ten months.

so…i’m a little late doing this…but between all the rain and freezing weather, taking pictures outside wasn’t possible. i would’ve taken them inside but i hate the natural light in my house. there’s just not enough of it.

but today, today was perfect. and for the first time i went alone. which, would seem like it’s not that hard to do with one person, but to get the outcome i want, i typically prefer d be there. she helps tyler focus or in today’s case, she would’ve help grab the handfuls of pine needles he was grabbing. none the less, i went alone. there’s a park near my house that has a great paved walking trail and a great wooden bridge. i’ve wanted to take tyler there for a long time.

when i got there…there were probably 30 jailees picking up trash. so i opted out of the bridge pictures because i really didn’t care for an audience. so i settled for this wonderfully lit wooded area. it’s beautiful, i’m bound and determined to take more pictures there…

i didn’t get to do as many as i would’ve liked, but i’m pleasantly surprised with what i was able to capture.

it’s a toss up between the next two pictures as to which is my favorite…what do you think?

i can’t even believe he is ten months old, almost eleven. this year has flown by with him. he says words now, waves and crawls. his gets stronger each day and God continually blesses our family with even the smallest things from tyler. the biggest is by far his joy and happiness; he rarely ever cries. this is a huge testament to his life and ours. God is such a big and loving God, and i don’t take a single day with him for granted.

happy ten months tylerbug!


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