a routine activity.

i sit tyler in his walker. he then begins to “run” (and i use that term loosely, because let’s face it, a ten month old can only go so fast when their legs a merely a foot long.) around the living room. jabbering normally ensues, most likely caused because he saw something that he feels the need to talk to, i mean, trash cans and dining room chairs are really interesting, right?

and then the funniest thing happens…tate or cinnamon (the toy poodle that used to be my sister’s but has now become an additional member of our family) will come near him. tyler sees this as a game. he begins chasing them around downstairs…through the kitchen into the living room and again and again. the animals only help tyler in his ambition to get them, they run from him, thus stirring it on.

occasionally, during their game, one of the animals will stop, look back at tyler, as if to say, “come get me” and it’s in those moments, that i find myself wishing i had a video camera. in those moments of eye-to-eye contact, tyler stops, looks at them, waves at the animals and says, “hey”.

and that, my friends, is a routine activity at my household. it is also one way in which tyler makes me cry from laughter.


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