cinnamon swirl bread.

oh heavenly stars, thank you for the invention of bread! more specifically, thank you for invention of sweet breads. i am forever grateful.

just some of the thoughts i had when i took one bite of this bread. it’s a beautiful combination of sugar, cinnamon and flour. my favorite part about this bread: it virtually makes itself. i just threw the ingredients in a bowl, mixed it together and watched it bake.

it’s a beautiful thing i tell you.

beautiful, crunchy, sugary top, i love you.

as if it couldn’t any better, a simple glaze does the trick.

and not only does it add that extra, sweet crunch to the bread…

but, it’s also beautiful to look at.

i, seriously, couldn’t ask for more.

well, maybe a cup of coffee.

but, other than that, im good. satisfied.

if you missed the recipe the first time…here it is.


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